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The Extraordinary Life of David Galula. Driss Ghali. Thanks to a sequence of fortunate accidents around , the world discovered the intellectual legacy. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice By David Galula Summary written by Brett Reeder, Conflict Research Consortium Citation: Galula, . Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies That Led to Vietnam. H.R. McMaster. from: $ Soldiers of God.

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Lessons learned should then be rapidly applied to subsequent areas. Links to quality news, opinion davif, and reports that explain the intractable conflict problem and highlight successful responses.

Counterinsurgency in the Cold Revolutionary War. Also, the old tribal structure — the one that helped France rule the country for years- was terrorized and sometimes physically eliminated by the insurgency. A free and open online seminar that takes a complexity-oriented approach to frontier-of-the-field issues related to intractable conflict.

David Galula

Further, the counterinsurgency must learn and adapt as it goes along. S delivered administrative services, social assistance and local development projects.

A minimal awareness in terms of war studies is needed to really capture what they had to say. Galula’s clearly articulates that the counter-insurgency requires a methodical approach to defeating the enemy by aggressively controlling and isolating the population, developing a good intelligence program in order to insure to the same population that they are safe from reprisal from the insurgents.

Maybe Galula was right to pacify his district of Kabylia without thinking too much about the vacuum of legitimacy hovering over the whole pacification enterprise.


Counterinsurgency in the Hot Revolutionary War.

Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Galula’s laws thus take at face value and recognize the importance of the aphorism, based on the ideas of Mao, that “The people are the sea in davod the revolutionary swims.

With his four principles in mind, Galula goes on to describe a general military and political strategy to put them into operation in an area that is under full insurgent control:. He underperformed rank-wise partly because he did not fight in the First Indochina War Years later, he risked his life defending the sovereignty of France in Algeria during the nationalist insurrection The Galua Pattern Communist.

Establish contact with the population, control its movements in order to cut off its links with the guerillas. Tell us about your work. Galula’s work on counter-insurgency is in large part based on the experiences and lesson of years of French colonial warfare, falula notably the work of Joseph-Simon Gallieni and Hubert Lyautey.

David Galula – Wikipedia

The final option, strengthening or building the “political machine” of the state, consists of convincing the population to buy into the state’s legitimacy and moral authority. He may have felt compelled to serve his country from the outside both geographically Asia, Algeria and from the conceptual point of view studying counter-insurgency instead of nuclear dissuasion.

Such support is most readily obtained from an active minority. Inhe was expelled from the French officer corps, in accordance with the Statute on Galkla of the Vichy State. From the “father” of COIN doctrine. When gxlula is the case, the essential problem for the counterinsurgency is that the “actual danger will always appear to the davjd as out of proportion to the demands made by an adequate response” p 4.


If you have any professional or personal interest in insurgency or counterinsurgency, this is a “must read”. La vie extraordinaire de David Galula by Driss Ghali is currently looking for a publisher.

Other editions – View all Counterinsurgency Warfare: Inspired by his military experiences as a French military officer and attache in China, Greece, Southeast Asia, and Algeria, the author realized the “need for a compass” in the suppression of insurgency, and he set out to “define the laws of counterinsurgency warfare, to deduce from them its principles, and to outline the corresponding strategy and tactics.

Concentrate enough armed forces to destroy or to expel the main body of armed insurgents. And due to the complex wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Galula’s classic, written based on his experiences in the Algerian war during the ‘s, has been resurrected. According to Galula, this coordination can be achieved through committees and integrated military-civilian hierarchies but, “more than anything else, a doctrine appears to be the practical answer to the problem of how to channel efforts in a single direction” p Galula cites Mao Zedong ‘s observation that “[R]evolutionary war is 80 percent political action and only 20 percent military”, and proposes four “laws” for counterinsurgency: Theory and Practice in That is, the response necessary to eliminate the insurgency is likely to be seen as excessive by the general population.

Though many of its empirical examples are dated, its insights remain hauntingly relevant.