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Liebert Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) for the Single Module The Series UPS has been designed for Commercial/Industrial use only. Single Phase UPS system S i n g l e m o d u l e a n d ‘1 + N’ (e x p a n d a b l e) UNINTERRUPTIBLEPOWERSYSTEM User Manual EMERSON Network Power. Single phase ups system • Read online or download PDF • Emerson User Manual.

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This is required to be connected to M3: If you encounter any problem with the procedures contained in this manual you should seek immediate assistance from Emerson Network Power India Pvt. When this switch is pressed, the lower line of the LCD Display shows the output phase voltage w. The risk of contact with these voltages is minimised as the live component parts are housed behind a hinged, lockable door. Warning and alarm messages are displayed emefson the upper row of characters.

That is, both modules will provide load power through their paralleled bypass lines. This type of information could prove useful to the troubleshooting engineer should a problem occur.

Failure to observe this condition will invalidate any implied warranty. RAM actually requires 16 such cores.

In the event of a mains power failure, the rectifier becomes inoperative and the inverter is powered solely from the battery. If this is your first Liebert UPS, we hope it is the beginning of a long relationship which delivers value to your organisation. If this type of battery is used in your installation you may notice that the battery charger voltage will be greater than its nominal Vdc when the mains supply returns from a prolonged outage. Measure and record the battery float charge voltage.

If a problem cannot be resolved by taking the actions given then fully trained assistance should be sought immediately. Related searches emerson d emerson d kva emerson d kva online emerson power emerson power bank emerson power bank ups emerson gxt mt emerson online emerson online ups. LS7 alarm should extinguish. The connection is redundant, disconnecting one cable lits a red LED on Parallel boards, disconnecting both cables inverter are blocked this last function may be disabled during servicing of the system.


For the 50 to kVA 1PH models the power cables are connected either directly to their respective circuit breakers or to busbars, which are themselves, connected to the circuit breakers. An upgrading kit s. Mimic and Alarm Connections Refer figure 25 and Note that if this supply is not available, RAM will not function 3. This unit is always used in conjunction with Alarm interface PCBonly.

Emerson User’s Manual |

Page of 86 Go. Therefore when the first module is started the load will remain connected to its static bypass line. The advantages of a redundant system over a nonredundant system in terms of overall system reliability are selfevident. Some of the power components are very heavy.

Measure and record the UPS output voltage on all three phases. It also disables the rectifier and inverter, and trips the battery circuit breaker. Cable connection kVA, V, 1 Ph. Free Classified ads in India. When the EPO switch is pressed it disables the static switch block entirely so removing load power. If the UPS has not operated on battery power within the previous ten hours the battery charge current should be typically less than 6A.

Book our services online by calling us on or visit our site www. This will contain following items: Most problems do emereon emerge as a gradual performance degradation; generally the UPS either works correctly or eemerson will shut down – and transfer the load to the bypass supply if applicable. The alarms monitored are: The audible warning can be cancelled by the reset switch S5 but LS7 will only extinguish after the alarmed condition has reverted to normal.


Side entry is made possible by removing blanking pieces fitted in the side ventilation grills to reveal the cable entry holes. When the necessary action to correct the problem 7400j been taken, this procedure should be followed to restore the UPS back to its normal operating condition following, a controlled transfer to bypass or when the Remote Emergency Power Off switch has been activated.

An LCD display, capable of showing two rows of 40 characters, is used to indicate the UPS operating parameters, warnings and alarms. Click for more information: However, it is advisable to provide spare cores and hence we recommend use of core cable.

Ensure that the unobstructed. The UPS module should be located in a cool, dry, clean-air environment with adequate ventilation to keep the ambient temperature within the specified operating range. Table of Contents Chapter 1- General Description 1.


Emerson 7400M Series User Manual

In a Non-Redundant module system LS6 will not illuminate on the first module to be started until you reach this point in starting the second module. However, a well documented periodic program of inspection and preventive maintenance, as suggested below, will help to ensure optimum equipment performance and may serve to detect certain minor malfunctions prior to them developing into a major fault.

The UPS has its own internal voltage and frequency regulator which When using mains-powered test equipment such as oscilloscopes in the UPS voltage area, always use a differential mode of operation to disconnect the oscilloscope frame earth.

No risk exists to any personnel when operating the equipment in the normal manner, following the recommended operating procedures.

Both the connectors are with screwed terminals. This should be completed before you touch any switch.