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Sakhi-Guru nanak dev ji Artist: Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale). Album: Guru Nanak Take a personal virtual-hukam from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.”. Sakhi mean sikhi sikhya (Stories). Stories are very important part of our life they always teach us good lesson. Guru Nanak Dev ji Sakhi app is about Guru Nanak . Explore Munish Ahuja’s board “Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sakhiya, Real Stories” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spiritual, Spirituality and Game of love.

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Sakhis of Guru Nanak

The people said that they were sad because their elephant had died. The contents are used in this app are freely available on the internet. Guru Nanak told them that they were mistaken.

Guru Nanak nxnak on the habitat of nine Naths and eighty-four Sidhas, besides six Jatis celebrated ascetics and offered his greetings with due courtesy, and invited them to a meeting.

Guru Nanak Sakhis (Stories)

Guru Nanak was not an nnanak child. Guru Nanak travelled to places far and wide teaching people the message of one God who dwells in every one of God’s creations. Have a conversation in two languages and hear your voice translated instantly.


This app is for education purpose. If you own any of the content and do not want to us by us so please send us an email at inspirational.

Sakhis of Guru Nanak – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

There is no Hindu and guruu Musalman. Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji. Guru Nanak guided them to the truth. This is a free app for educational purpose only. This story is not in Janamsakhis. Guru Nanak and Moola.

Guru Nanak Sakhis (Stories) | Discover Sikhism

Guru Nanak at Hassan Abdal. Nanakana means Nanak’s village. Mardana and the stone. One day, he disappeared in the water. He stated that any time would be an auspicious time for the wedding.

One God for the rich and He travelled far and wide teaching people the message of one God who dwells in every one of His creations and constitutes the eternal Truth. At the age of eighteen, Guru Nanak, was sent by his father Mehta Kalu to the city to do business. The Sidh Gosht Dialogue With The Sages is a pious Bani that recounts a meeting of Guru Nanak with a giru of hindu ascetics siddhs who had renounced the world, living in the caves of the Himalayas.


An evil man by the name of Ruhela Pathaan caught Guru Sahib child and took him home. Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Hamza Gaus cursed a city for having been cheated.

Sikh News Ddev in English. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Stories are very important part of our life they always teach us good lesson.

Mula Karar became a disciple of Guru Nanak but then fell from grace. English To Gurmukhi Translit.

Guru Nanak asked them what the cause of their suffering was. The Birth of the Guru. Guru Nanak was born in in saohi small village named Talwandi. There lived a landlord in a village near Dacca, and though he was a rich farmer, he led a gang of thieves, who robbed the people of the surrounding villages as well as the travellers on the roads.